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Genre : Science-Fiction - Young Adults

American publisher : Megan Tingley Books, Little, Brown and Company : 9,99$ US; 12,99$CAN

English publisher : ATOM : 6,99£

Warning : There may have some spoilers, so if you don't want to know, just stick to the synopsis

Synopsis : Bella is having a birthday party with the Cullens, but while opening hes gifts, she cuts herself. A bad thing when in a room full of vampires. After that, Edward's attitude changed until he told her they were all leaving and he didn't want her anymore. During the months that followed, Bella was totally depressed, quite catatonic, trying to live a normal life, while struggling against that hole in her chest. And then, she hears Edward's her head. From then on, she'll look for hearing that voice again by doing dangerous things. And she finds Jacob on her way, a Quileute who lives in La Push. Even if he wants to be more than friends with her, he helps her a lot, and she begins to live normal again, even if the hole is still there. But soon, Jacob's attitude begins to change too. But danger is around the corner, both for her, and for Edward at the other end of the world...

A passage :
" There was an indefinite, implied kind of menace to these men that had nothing to do with that other night. It sprung from the fact that they were strangers, and it was dark here, and they outnumbered us - nothing more specific than that. But it was enough that Jessica's voice cracked in panic as she called after me. [...] I turned away from her, back to the men who were watching us with amused, curious eyes.
'Bella, stop this right now!'
My muscles locked into place, froze me where I stood. Because it wasn't Jessica's voice that rebuked me now. It was a furious voice, a familiar voice, a beautiful voice - soft like velvet even though it was irate.
It was his voice - I was exceptionnaly careful not to think his name - and I was surprised that the sound of it did not knock me to my knees, did not curl me onto the pavement in a torture of loss. But there was no pain, none at all.
In the instant that I heard his voice, everything was very clear. Like my head had suddenly surfaced out of some dark pool. I was more aware of everything - sight, sound, the feel of the cold air that I hadn't noticed was blowing sharply against my face, the smells coming from the open bar door.
I looked around myself in shock.
'Go back to Jessica,' the lovely voice ordered, still angry. 'You promised - nothing stupid.'
I was alone. Jessica stood a few feet from me, staring at me with frightened eyes. Against the wall, the strangers watched, confused, wondering what I was doing, standing there motionless in the middle of the street.
I shook my head, trying to understand. I knew he wasn't there, and yet, he felt improbably close, close for the first time since...since the end. The anger in his voice was concern, the same anger that was once very familiar - something I hadn't heard in what felt like a lifetime.
' Keep your promise.' The voice was slipping away, as if the volume was being turned down on a radio.[...]
The wise thing would be to run away from this potentially destructive - and certainly mentally unstable - development. it would be stupid to encourage hallucinations.
But his voice was fading.
I took another step forward, testing.
' Bella, turn around,' he growled."

Well, that one was really intense too. For months Bella did nothing at all, and that's represented by blank pages through the book. Then she's meets Jacob again, and she begins to come back to life, quite. We can feel her despair, the pain from her lost loved one. And then she begins to hear his voice. At first, I was really angry with Edward for the way he left her. I knew it was because he wanted to protect her,  but he could have been nicer. And then, when Bella hears his voice in her head, I was disappointed in the end to know that it was really in her head. I wanted some more irrational explanation, like even if was far away, he had found a way to look after her, and warn her from danger. Something like that. But all is well that ends well.
I like the way Stephenie Meyer had created a new myth from old myths. And we can feel the change in Jacob, the duality inside him, but at the same time, we're also sorry for Bella, who's losing her anchor to life again. Then, when Edward thinks she's dead, he wants to die to and go see the Volturi, but fortunately Bella and Alice arrive on time, but Bella has now two ennemies : Victoria is still on the loose, and the Volturi wants her heart to stop beating, because she knows too much, whether she becomes a vampire or simply die.
In the beginning, Edward and Bella are watching an adatation of Romeo and Juliet, and the story is based on that : the tormented love, the forbidden love, and the end of the book is set in Italy too, with the Volturi.

Compared to Twilight, this second books is more violent. Twilight was soft, sensual, fascinating, intriguing, just like a vampire should be according to myths. In New Moon, the atmosphere is a lot more tense, violence always comes in and back, just like the werewolves, who live on their animal instincts, even if here they're not dangerous to humans. We can really feel this underlying violence, especially in Jacob who's fighting  between what he is and his love for Bella.

Well I'll stop here, because I've got so many things to say I can't think clearly to write then down. And I'm afraid I already sait too much.