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Genre : Science-Fiction - Young Adults

American publisher :
Megan Tingley Books, Little, Brown and Company : 18,88$ US; 21,99$CAN

English publisher :
ATOM : 12,99£

Warning : There may have some spoilers, so if you don't want to know, just stick to the synopsis

Synopsis : After Edward's come back, Bella's life takes up again normally : Edward, school, friends, Edward. But Jacob's always on her mind. Edward doesn't want her to see him, until he finally understands that she's safe with him, even if they're natural ennemies.
But, in Seattle, lots people die or disappear mysteriously, and Bella's receives an unknown visit while away. The two events are linked, and a war is about to break. Someone has created an army of young vampires to attain Bella. The Cullens and the werewolf will make a truce to protect her and destroy the mysterious ennemy.
Despite the situation, Bella is torn between Edward whom she can't live without, and Jacob, her werewolf best-friend, until she understands that she also loves him. Waht will be her choice between her vampire boyfriend and her semi-human friend?

A passage :

" Do you mind if I do something?' he murmured, his arms tightening around me
' Anything you want.'
But he let me go and slid away.
' Anything but that,' I complained.
He ignored me, taking my hand and pulling me off the bed, too/ He stood in front of me, hands on my shoulders, face serious.
'Now, I want to do this rights. Please, please, keep in mind that you've already agreed to this, and don't ruin it for me.'
'Oh, no,' I gasped as he slid down onto one knee.
'Be nice', he muttered.
I took a deep breath.
' Isabella Swan?' He looked up at me through his impossibly long lashes, his golden eyes soft but, somehow, still scorching. 'I promise to love you forever - every single day of forever. Will you marry me?'
There were many things I wanted to say, some of them not nice at all, and others more disgustingly gooey and romantic than he probably dreamed I was capable of. Rather than embarassing myself with either, I whispered, 'Yes'.
'Thank you', he said simply. He took my left hand and kissed each of my fingertips before he kissed the ring that was now mine."

Well, that third book in the series is longer than the others. It's great too but the two others with some passages which seem quite long sometimes. Bella's reading Wuthering Heights, and she's facing the same kind of situation as Catherine Earnshaw, she's torn between two different kinds of love. But Jacob was really getting on my nerves sometimes, always pushing Bella to the extremes, hurting her, whereas Edward was trying his best to make her happy and protect her. They both had the same goal, make her happy but used a different way. And Jacob wanted to fight too much.
Well finally Bella made the right choice (well the one I wanted her to make anyway) and chooses Edward.
Well I'm really impatient to know the rest of the stories, but I'll have to wait nearly a year, because Breaking dawn is due for next fall.

I like the titles chosen for the books, they really represent the atmosphere, unlike the french titles which simply stay on the surface : Fascination, Tentation (Temptation), Hésitation. Twilight means the beginning for Bella, her meeting Edward, a mythical creature of the night, even if he's not really. New Moon represents the myths of werewolves, but at the same time it means a new bend on the road in Bella's life, Jacob. Eclipse  means the dark, the difficult choice which she must face, but also the end of something, a waiting for something else to begin. So following this pattern, we could suppose that the next book, which will be called Breaking Dawn means a new beginning, a new life. It's only speculation from me, but I think Bella will really marry Edward and become a vampire to spend the rest of eternity with him. And as this would be too short to make a novel of it, the book will relate her beginning in this new life she's chosen, the difficulty to resist human blood temptation, and the help she'll get from her new family, and how Jacob will react to the choice she's made. Well, now we just have to wait and see, I suppose, but I'd like to have some clues, so if anyone here knows something, I'm willing to here it.

Anyway, I spent a fabulous moment reading this series, and I recommend it to everyone. I read the three books in a week, and now I have some difficulty to think of something else. By the way, if you can recommend something at least as much good as this, just tell me;o)