Genre : Drama

Release : 2006

DVD : 2006

Directed by Peter Cattaneo

Written by Phil Traill, Peter Cattaneo and Ben Rice

Based on the novella by Ben Rice (Pobby and Dingan)

Starring Sapphire Boyce as Kelly-Anne Williamson, Christian Byers as Ashmol Williamson (soon in December Boys), Vince Colosimo as Rex Williamson (Chopper, The Nugget) and Jacqueline McKenzie as Annie Williamson (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, The 4400)

Synopsis : The Williamsons live in Lightning Ridge, a small australian opal town where everyone family owns a small part of the mines. Kelly-Anne is seven and has two best friends, Pobby and Dingan, imaginary friends, until they suddenly disappear after going to the mine with her dad. For her parents, that's a good thing, maybe a new start for her, but Kelly-Anne can't get over it and falls very ill. Her dad is involved in a lawsuit because he's accused of stealing someone else's opal when he was simply looking for Pobby and Dingan to help his daughter. Ashmol, Kelly-Anne's big brother, decides to look for the invisble friends by himself to help his sister get better...

This is a wonderful film, I cried my eyes out in the cinema, fortunately I always go to the cinema on sundays, so that there are not many people;o) The story is really beautiful, and it shows how people can sometimes be cruel, but despite all that they also can be very nice, when they think. We also finds here the power of imagination children possess, how they can make things real for them, but unfortunately it seems that we lose this capacity when growing older. What a loss! I discovered only recently that the film was based on a novella by Ben Rice, Pobby and Dingan, and I really really want to read it, just to see if it would make me cry as much as the film did;o) I'll tell you that later...