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The Literary Detective has moved out!I found canal blog too much restraining to do what i wanted, so now you can find The Literary Detective over at blogspot : http://theliterarydetective.blogspot.com/
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Booking Through Thursday : May I Introduce?

1. How did you come across your favorite author(s)? Recommended by a friend? Stumbled across at a bookstore? A book given to you as a gift?2. Was it love at first sight? Or did the love affair evolve over a long acquaintaWell, the problem is that I have a lot of favorite authors;o)* First, I discovered Salinger through a french rock band, maybe you know them, Indochine. I've been a great fan since my teenage. And they have a song called Des Fleurs pour Salinger (Flowers for Salinger), about a man who lives in a monastery. In fact,... [Lire la suite]
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Booking Through Thursday : Anticipation

Last week we talked about the books you liked best from 2007. So this week, what with it being a new year, and all, we’re looking forward….   What new books are you looking forward to most in 2008? Something new being published this year? Something you got as a gift for the holidays? Anything in particular that you’re planning to read in 2008 that you’re looking forward to? A classic, or maybe a best-seller from 2007 that you’re waiting to appear in paperback? Well indeed there is ONE book i'm really waiting... [Lire la suite]
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Happy New Year 2008!

I wish you all a Happy New Year! I hope that 2008 will help realize all your wishes and that it'll bring a lot of good surprises for you : happinesse, joy and luck!And I really hope that this year will also bring wisdom and goodness to Humankind so that we're done with all that cruelty!
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